Documentary , 2018
Cast: Daniil Shelukhin
Director: Natalia Kalenova
Writer: Natalia Kalenova, Alexey Voloschenko, Alya Farhat
DOP: Nikita Karmen
Music: Ivan Malezhik
Producer: Natalia Kalenova, Philip Abryutin, Dmitry Yakunin

Genre: documentary
Age limit: 6+
Length: 14 min
Status: completed
Release date: 2018
This story took place in December 2017. A young woman during an urgent delivery of twins and a "cesarean section" operation underwent a large blood loss, which was the cause of stress-induced life-threatening cardiomyopathy, contractile dysfunction of the heart (Takotsubo syndrome). During the first day, the patient was transferred from the hospital in an extremely serious condition by the intensive care team to one of the city's hospitals on duty. During this period, she suffers four episodes of clinical death and there is practically no hope for life, the heart stops beating. As it often happens, due to a coincidence of circumstances, the doctors of the city hospital where the patient was staying, seek help from the clinic of the Ministry of Emergencies ...