Music, drama, family, road movie, 2022
The stars will guide me
Director: Philipp Abryutin
Script (Writer): Philipp Abryutin, Daria Serenko, Daria Maslovskaya
DOP (Cinematographer): Ivan Semyonov
Music (Composer): Alexey Chintsov, Evgeny Zagot, Ivan Solovyev
Producers: Philipp Abryutin, Oksana Lakhno
Starring: Ivan Solovyev, Liza Bugulova, Alena Chekhova

Genre: music, drama, family, road movie
Age category: 6+
Length: 105 min
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English

Production status: completed

Release: November, 10, 2022

The stars will guide me
The stars will guide me – touchable musical movie about the journey of the father and daughter, towards happiness.
Young girl Alexandrina dreams of becoming a musician, like her father – Gena, who wanders alone in coastal towns, plays the guitar and sings in the streets, selling coffee. Alexandrina is invited to audition for the Moscow Music Academy. Suddenly Gena who doesn't live with his family for a long time offers his help - he has his own reasons to urgently go to Moscow...