Drama, biography, historical
Sunrise's land
Director: Philipp Abryutin
Script (Writer): Philipp Abryutin
Producers: Philipp Abryutin, Oxana Lakhno

Genre: drama, biography, historical
Age category: 16+
Number of episodes: 6
Length of episode: 52 min
Language: chukchi, russian, dubbing (russian, english)
Subtitles: russian, english
Production status: pre-production
Sunrise's land
Throughout the course of a century, the story follows Vyntynne (“Sunrise”) - an orphaned reindeer herdsgirl from the Russian Arctic, as she grows into adulthood surviving love, loss, captivity and the creation and dissolution of the Soviet era—all while remaining true to her Chukchi oath to become a “true human.”