Romance, comedy, 2015
Silver Talk
Cast: Pavel Inin, Polina Kuzminskaya, Boris Shcherbakov
Director: Pavel Inin
Writer: Pavel Inin
DOP: Andrey Malinkovich, Artem Burko, Anton Khimoroda
Producers: Philip Abryutin, Dmitry Yakunin, Vadim Inin

Genre: romance, comedy
Age limit: 12+
Length: 14 min
Production status: completed
Released: August 2015
Silver Talk
The main character, the rising star of the retro show, is restless in his soul. He believes that the whole thing is in too fleeting relationships with girls, and decides to consult a psychologist. However, in the process of psychological counseling, a real problem opens up before him, on the solution of which his further fate depends.