Crime, drama, 2016
Escape for a Dream
Starring: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Miroslava Karpovich, Andrey Chadov, Denis Kosyakov, Anton Buglak, Alexander Kononets, Prokhor Chekhovskoy, Alexander Fursenko, Zoya Kaidanovskaya, Alexey Fateev
Directors: Konstantin Tishchenko, Yuri Sysoev, Vladimir Mistyukov
Screenplay by Konstantin Tishchenko, Evgeny Sokolovsky, Yuri Sysoev, Vladimir Mistyukov
DOP: Alexey Fursenko, Alexey Malinkovich, Kirill Pashovkin
Composer: Anatoly Zubkov
Producers: Philip Abryutin, Oksana Lakhno, Alexey Fursenko, Yuri Sysoev, Vladimir Mistyukov, Dmitry Yakunin

Genre: crime, drama
Age category: 16+
Running time: 78 min
Production status: completed
Released: February 2016
Escape for a Dream
Three stories about three different men. A young writer without a book, but with death by his side. A doctor with a principled position and misunderstanding among others. And a lawyer who believes that everything can be bought off. All three will experience fate, and none of them will remain the same ...