Sports, drama , 2022
Fighting for my sunshine
Script (screenwriter): Maria Nakhodkina, Valentin Makarov, Daria Serenko with the participation by Lyubov Borisova
Director: Valentin Makarov
DOP (cinematographer): Semyon Amanatov
Composer (Music): Moisey Kobyakov
Producers: Philipp Abryutin, Oksana Lakhno, Innokenty Lukovtsev
Starring: Gavriil Menkyarov, Vladimir Epifantsev, Vladimir Mikhalev, Innokenty Lukovtsev, Roman Dorofeev, Aitalina Lavernova

Genre: sports, drama
Age category: 12+
Running time: 128 min
Production status: Completed
Release date: June, 02, 2022
Fighting for my sunshine
Dzhulur is a young sakha-guy who has returned after the army to his native village. Here he lives with an old grandmother and little sister. By chance, Dzhulur finds himself on a national for sakha people holiday, where he accidentally takes part in mas-wrestling competition and opening new sport talent. The sudden death of Dzhulur's grandmother brokes all his plans for the future. His little sister is taken to the boarding school, because of Dzhulur hasn’t parental rights and a permanent job. The boarding school is far away in the capital of Republic Sakha (Yakutiya). And hero's house is takenby the collectors because of the grandmother's debts. Looking for a sister Dzhulur goes to the city Yakutsk where in the nearest time should be an international sport tournament of the mas-wrestling. This great event will gather the most strong athletes from all over the world, even from USA, and has a huge prize fund. And now Dzhulur has a goal. He has to go through great challenges on the way to the victory, for his family to be together again!