Documentary, 2019
Anatoliy Krupnov. He was
Director: Daria Ivankova
Writer: Daria Ivankova
DOP: Nikita Karmen
Producer: Dmitrij Yakunin, Philipp Abryutin, Olga Filonova, Aleksandr Yurasov

Genre: documentary
Age limit: 18+
Length: 71 min
Status: Completed
Release: November 2019
Anatoliy Krupnov. He was
The documentary biopic gives an insight into the life and music of Anatoliy Krupnov, one of the brightest rock stars of the late- and post-Soviet era. This is the story of the talented musician who created the cult rock group Cherny Obelisk (The Black Obelisk), the portrait of an artist and at the same time an accurate depiction of the era and its generation, the music and the ideas that guided minds and rock music at the turn of the century.